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About Us

When we first began dating, we went camping out in the middle of nowhere in a little tiny tent. Three months into our relationship, we went to San Jose del Cabo, Mexico. From then on, we have been obsessed with Mexico, traveling, and living full time near the water and in the sunshine. We are always drawn back to the same area in Mexico and have been planning to move down full time.

One of the biggest drivers has been to get out of the “go, go, go” lifestyle and live life on our terms where time passes by a little slower. Now, as the Dashboard Drifters, we can live the life we want and inspire others to live the dream.  


Born in Prince Edward Island (PEI) and an Islander through and through, I moved to Alberta about eight years ago. When I came to Alberta, I made the transition from cabinet making to the oil and gas industry. I started out by working on the rigs.

Now, I am a successful welding inspector working on rotation in northern Alberta. I currently spend my time working night shift in the elements, climbing up and down 160 foot ladders in refineries carrying a radioactive camera, and hunkering down in a dark room truck developing x-ray film, spending up to six weeks away at a time. #AlbertaDream

As an Islander, the sea and beach calls to my soul. Since moving away from home, I have always longed to get back to the salty air and water. I am lucky that Jenn also loves the beach (even though she can’t be in the sun).

We have always talked about moving somewhere warm and stress free. Enter Dashboard Drifters – now we are well on our way to getting out of the Alberta winters and onto the beach with sunshine, sea, and stress free days. 


Born and raised in Alberta, I will always love my home. But as I have gotten older, the pull of wanderlust has intensified. I have never been able to settle down into one career path. I took some time off after high school before getting into the trades as a welder.

Being in the trades propelled me as a person and developed my character. I jumped into inspection where I got to meet Kendall. We met at work on night shift. From there, I went back to school. I spent nine months away from Kendall, Roxie, and Toffee in Fort Saint John, BC. I cried for the first five hours of the drive. It turns out, I am much better at being the one at home. 

I am now working at an engineering firm in downtown Calgary where I work in project management.

Despite not being equipped to deal with high heat or high humidity, I love the beach and sunshine. So here comes Dashboard Drifters and all our crazy adventures and plans. 

Roxie and Toffee

Roxie and Toffee actually come from the same place and were born only one month apart. However, they did not come to be with each other until they were nine years old.

Roxie was adopted from a sad Kijiji ad in 2011 by Jenn. I picked Roxie up from a Lowe’s parking lot. After three years of being together, I met Kendall… and Roxie and Kendall fell in love. 

We found Toffee when we contacted the breeder on Roxie’s papers and inquired about any adult cocker spaniels they might have or know of needing a home. It turned out that Toffee was retiring from her role as a breeder of champs and was looking for a new home. 

We drove three hours to go meet Toffee and found a fat dog running around in the mud on a farm with her cat friend. After potty training and discovering blankets, she decided that she was no longer an outdoor dog and became a house dog. 

Roxie enjoys the outdoors and is sassy.

Toffee enjoys the indoors and is sweet. She loves Kendall and Roxie more than anything.